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White Satin

Price List

When you are ready to place an order with us, please complete the form that was emailed to you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Adult 3 Pleat

Adult Sizes (Petite-Large): $217

Adult X-Large: $240

Special Colors: $225+

Child's & Junior 3 Pleat

Children Sizes (5-16): $147
Junior Sizes (Small - X-Large): $217

Junior Special Colors: $225+

Dress 19 (Non-Regulation)

Adult Sizes (Petite-Large) Satin: $187

Adult Sizes (Petite-Large) Cotton: $175

Crown Princess 2.0 (Non-Regulation)

Adult Sizes (Petite-Large): $198

Adult X-Large: $233

Special Colors: $215+


Adult Sizes (Petite-Large): $120

Adult X-Large: $125
Special Colors: $133

Wrap Skirt


Additional Headpieces & Tams

Headpiece: $25

Tam: $35

Special Requests

Lieutenant’s Bars: $15

Captain’s Stars and Bars: $20

Custom Size: $50

Rush Order: $75 (currently not available)

Shipping & handling is $18 for up to two items.

* Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice. Prices were last updated on October 17, 2023. We reserve the right to adjust prices due to factors beyond our control, such as changes in material costs, production costs, or tariffs. We appreciate your understanding.

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