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TAHA 20 is the next chapter after 19, two chapters synonymous with the life long academic work of our Mother Tynnetta Muhammad. The 2.0 relaunching of the Regulation 3 Pleat and Dress 19. As a designer, journalist, and acclaimed scholar, her designs embody and encompass her travels to the remotest parts of the earth. Frequently visiting such places as Mongolia, as she traced the footsteps of the silk road in Pakistan literally and figuratively, seeking after the Wise Man, which also was one of her best selling novels and a semi-autobiography. Her clothing designs make up a collection of casual, work, and formal wear. Also famous for her fez and many headdress styles. As a designer and world traveler, she drew inspiration from indigenous populations' uniquely handwoven textiles, silks, and brocades. TAHA 20 is pleased and proud to once again offer her 3 Pleat design and Dress 19.


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